Gordon’s Ultimate Christmas Dinner – Gordon Ramsay

Find out what Gordon cooks his family for Christmas.

The most delicious Christmas recipes, cooked up by the world’s greatest chef at home, “Gordon Ramsay’s Ultimate Christmas” will teach you everything you need to know to cook up the perfect Christmas.


The official Youtube channel of Gordon Ramsay with exclusive clips from a selection shows including Cook-a-long Live, Gordon’s Great Escape and more.

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For a collection of Christmas recipes, see this playlist:

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  1. Lets be honest Ramsey is more known for being a loudmouth, than a cook. Is it right that he owes most of his suppliers money and some off his restaurants have gone bust, and thats why he seems to be doing more in America these days. because they dont know that. This is a question, not a statement. If its true he cant be much of a chef, then, or boss.

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