Gordon Cooks Steak For A Vegetarian – Gordon Ramsay

Gordon heads to London Zoo, where Hannah the zookeeper feeds the animals better than she feeds herself. Can Gordon convince her to try a steak for the first time in 3 years?
From Gordon Ramsay’s The F Word

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  1. For those of you who think that animals are having fun being confined in a cage that is only a quarter of what their natural habitat is then let me ask you this— what so glorious about a zoo? Oh they’re helping them conserve them or they’re going extinct. These and any reason behind why we and I say we as in humans, keep natural born animal in a restricted area for our entertainment? Why was our only resolution to “save animal was to hold them hostage hold them against their will? These animals don’t deserve this especially since we humans have caused them far to much pain. We hunt them and when we finally manage to only leave a couple in the whole world we decide it’s a problem. That sick.

    And as for the vegetarian, shame on her. Shame on the cook. The irony, she loves animal so she works with them so I. Literal terms she loves animals so much she would eat them. And for those who are vegetarian I hope you know that the dairy industry is the worst industry. Their is no excuse to consume milk and eggs and not eat meat, that not how it work they don’t cancel out you are still participating in the slaughter of animal. Three years of consuming animal Cruelty through the back door to finally eating the cow the allowed the factory worker to rape, but hey it’s okay because nothing goes to waste— NOPE wrong.

    I’m an animal right activist and I am astonished at the fact that many of you are oblivious to the hidden factors or reasons as to why animal are being use as object/ subjects to our malice agendas. Go vegan🌱

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