Good Morning, It’s Breakfast Time!!

Good Morning, Good Morning on this beautiful snowy day; today I wanted invite you over for breakfast. This is my first vlog and I wanted to share a day in the life of parenting and multitasking on a daily basis I hope you enjoy my Southern Hospitality.


  1. Amen on the customer service when you go out to eat. My kids always say “mom yours is better anyway”. Too expensive too. We eat out once a year, if that. You’re so right – when you have a big family, you’re cooking all the time. Everything looked delicious! TFS!!

  2. I just found your channel and I really like it. I already subbed. You seem like a very loving mother and that’s great! Very classy lady. Your videos are very entertaining and I also am learning a few new recipes from your other videos. My mother wasn’t much of a cook growing up so I learned everything when I became an adult. Always great to learn new things.

  3. Hello! I just wanna say that I love your videos. I know this video is from several years ago but I really love them all! I am truly inspired! Thank you so much! Wish I was in the ATL! Lol be blessed!

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