Gluten Free stuffing with apricot, cranberry and sage.

Try my gluten free Sausage, apricot, cranberry, sage and parsley stuffing! These little balls of Christmas goodness literally caramelise and create the perfect accompaniment to your Christmas or Sunday dinner. Get recreating this one and please subscribe to see my lead up to making Christmas dinner easy.

I’ll be popping the full recipes onto my blog

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  1. This will be my first year making stuffing completely from scratch cause I found out I’m intolerant to onions 🙁 gonna miss the flavour but hoping it will be tasty anyway, this recipe sounds like there is tons of flavour!

  2. You should get a cover for your burner to stop your board from moving….i was on tenterhooks watching you cut and talk lol. Other than that great video! Will try it myself!

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