Gluten Free Recipe: Quick Vegan Corn Bread

In this episode learn how to make this quick cornbread! It’s a super easy vegan recipe and goes great with chili or can be eaten at breakfast or as a dessert. It’s also great to use as a gluten free bread for sandwiches. Enjoy!

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How to make the Quick Cornbread

Quick Cornbread


Large bowl
Measuring cups, spoons
Baking dish (I use a medium-size cast iron skillet.)


½ cup cornmeal (I use organic yellow cornmeal, fine to medium grind.)
¼ cup sorghum flour
2 tablespoons flaxseed meal
½ tablespoon aluminum-free baking powder
¼ teaspoon sea salt

¾ cup warm water
2 tablespoons oil (sunflower, grape seed, coconut, or olive)
2 tablespoons coconut sugar (or maple syrup)
2 teaspoons vinegar (apple cider or white)


Preheat your oven to 400F and grease your pan or skillet.

Whisk together the first section of ingredients (“cornmeal” through “sea salt”) in a large bowl. Then add in the second section of ingredients (“warm water” through “vinegar”), stirring with a spoon.

Place your greased pan or skillet in the preheated oven for a few minutes. Once it’s hot, pour the batter in. Heating the pan will help make the bottom of your bread a nice golden brown. Bake the bread for 8-12 minutes, depending on your oven. I bake mine for 10 minutes. When the bread is done baking, let cool and then slice into wedges or squares.


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  1. Gf, vegan and, not sweet. I know, not traditional but I really like this.
    Does it have to be in cast iron pan, I cannot lift large, I have enough difficulty with my small one. I have metal bread tins of varying sizes…. Any good?

  2. Great presentation and the audio is just right!…I am starting to think that I am eating too much wheat, and since I am a vegan I don’t like to think that any plant based food is bad, but anyway…I have not had cornbread since I was a kid..this does look good but Im not much of a cook..maybe I can make this..thank you very much. 

  3. I really liked the recipe and by any means I want to sound rude – mine wants to be a constructive critic rather an annoying one!
    I’d just advise you improve the editing of the video. For example at 1:54 you were clearing giggling (which is totally fine!) but looks a bit unprofessional.
    I think you should be a bit more confident otherwise viewers will doubt you know what you’re doing.
    : )

  4. I like the sandwich idea, being vegan is like being isolated where i live everyone thinks im weird, ignorance is always a problem, having to explain vegan versus vegetarian, most people dont get it. and dont listen, new ideas on what to eat, or cook is always fun, thanks you have a beautiful smile and are gorgeous , being vegan has its benefits like your clear complexion,and bright eyes.

  5. Thank you so much for this recipe and all the recipes you give away for free. I am from the South and used to eat cornbread several times per week until I became gluten free. This is the closest I have come to the cornbread I grew up with that is gluten free. I have switched out the sourgham for teff flour a few times and my family actually really likes that version as well!

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