Glazed Gingerbread Loaf {vegan & gluten-free}


vitamix A3500 blender:
medjool dates:
oat flour:
tapioca starch:
coconut butter:
baking dish:



  1. Sorry I’m so behind on your videos…now that I’ve turned my book in, I’m back to normal blogging craziness again, haha. I’m just in love with that gorgeous coconut butter drizzle and jewelry…oh wait, pomegranates, on top!!

  2. Hello there, I’m about to make this loaf but I only have fresh Ginger on hand! Do you think that would work? Maybe a smaller quantity?

  3. I was wondering, do you think you’ll do a video on your gut health? you mentioned you changed your diet, what things have most benefitted your gut and overall health? x

  4. Your recipes are so good & healthy. I always love all your recipes. Thank you for sharing your ideas & making beautiful videos. I love all the effort you put in. ❤❤

  5. I think YOUR recipes are gonna help me gain some much-needed weight! I have been not doing much baking last year or so due to not being able to find some easy, gf, vegan, soy free and sugar free desserts! Well, NOW, I have! Hugs! 🙂

  6. Your videography is always so amazing and inspiring! And sign me up for anything gingerbread! I made gingerbread cookies this weekend and I just wanted to bottle up the smell of molasses and ginger and nutmeg !

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