German Food & What You Should Eat in Germany

Heading to Deutschland/Germany & Wondering What Wonderful Food You Will Be Eating There? Well, Now you can know some of our favorite German foods, drink and treats. From Schweinhaxe (pig knuckle) to Apfelstrudel we give you a quick break down of some of the best German food to eat whether you are visiting Munich for Oktoberfest, Berlin for the Christmas Markets or Cologne for Carneval.
Filmed in Bamberg, Germany
Copyright Mark Wolters 2016

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  1. As a German I have to say: Pretty accurate summary for a 10-minute-clip! 👍
    I also love how the Döner suddenly becomes a real German thing. Which is kind of true, as it is not sold like this in Turkey, but a Turkish-German fusion 🙂

  2. Sauerbraten is (if strictly traditional) from a horse, but we are using bovines for this. Sauerbraten is NEVER from a pig!
    Btw: We dont eat pork as this much you are telling.

  3. Oh, god…I haven’t had Lift in twenty years. That stuff is DELICIOUS. There’s a great German bakery about ten miles from where I live where I can get Spezi (that’s $3.50 for a 500ml bottle…a little expensive), but I’m really wanting some Lift right about now. Maybe I should ask them to start stocking it…

    Germans know how to do a proper soda. Just don’t give me any Vitamalz…I’m not really a fan of that stuff.

  4. For centuries . fucking Germanic Knechten had stones to eat . – Big , big hunger !!! – Centuries. Awful “food” . Terrible bread . Hey asshole , you won’t immpres me at all with german shit !!! Potato salad is awful – potatos sunk in mayonaise – shit. German swine-pig ate cabbage with sosuage , drunk beer and made big stinky shit !!! – I know you germanic motherfuckers-killers !!! I know you like you don’t know even yourselves . …………………. Don’t eat this at the fucking Doner-Kebabs – it’s fucking arabic or turkish. -Taste like shit comparing to the best in Europe Polish food ! Whatever is tasty in fucking shit-germany was delivered from Poland. It’s enough to cross Odra river from Poland to Germany , and everything start to stink in Germany !

  5. Scheisse Essen ! Shit food !!! Don’t eat there . Go to Poland or Czechia . They feed pigs in Germany with chemicals like cenent – gray powder ! Don’t you dare even touch this shit !!! They don’t have even decent mustard like in Poland ! Fuck you deutsche Knechten !!!

  6. Also if you are a vegetarian, every restaurant has at least one purely vegetarian dish. Often it’s pasta or Spätzle with mushroom Cream-sauce, or fried potatoes. But also it’s very seasonal, depending on which vegetables are currently ready to harvest. Just saying, being a vegetarian is no problem in Germany 😀

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