Gennaro Contaldo’s Easter Roast Leg of Lamb Recipe | Citalia

Easter, or Pasqua in Italian, is one of the country’s most important celebrations, with processions, ceremonies and feasts taking place across the whole of Italy. As with many of Italy’s holidays, food plays an integral part in the Easter celebrations.

Here, chef Gennaro Contaldo shows you how to make a delicious roast leg of lamb with spring peas and baby onions – the perfect centre-piece for your Easter lunch this year, particularly if served on a large platter with the peas and sweet onions tumbling down around the meat. Your Easter lunch is a great opportunity to celebrate the produce of the spring season and Gennaro’s leg of lamb recipe is the perfect way to showcase these lovely fresh flavours.

To ensure maximum flavour enters the meat, Gennaro scores the leg of lamb and rubs in olive oil, salt and pepper before adding black olives and chopped anchovies before cooking. Anchovies may seem like a surprising addition to a lamb dish but instead of tasting fish, you simply get a deep, salty flavour which complements the lamb – delicious!

Looking for an authentic pudding to round off your Easter feast? Why not try Gennaro’s Pastiera di Grano, a sweet tart made from wheat, ricotta and candied citrus peel. Click here to find out more:


  1. You’re a very fantastic top chef. One question;. pouring the wine on the lamb AFTER you have put the salt and pepper on it would surely wash away the condiments, no?

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  3. Don’t ever look to the west for authentic cooking. The nostalgia behind your cooking is wonderful. I try very hard to keep an authentic rhythm behind my cooking. I’ve never been classically trained, but I love serving dishes that bring my family together. There is nothing better than cutting out western qusine to make people realize there is more to life than steak. Thank you. Salute.

  4. Most people in the west like their Lamb rare. I don’t!! That’s how I like my Lamb, well cooked. I use different ingredients, but when the Lamb is cooked properly it’s juicier and more tender. When it’s pink the meat is tough and dry, and the ingredients don’t come together as intensely.

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