GE 3 Crock Slow Cooker Buffet Review

I rarely use this buffet style crock pot but it comes in handy when it’s needed. I use it mainly for warming up food for Superbowl parties. Recently I tried two rabbit stew recipes with the low setting. Check out my recipe videos on those! I paid about $35 for this from Walmart about 3 years ago.

GE 3-Crock Slow Cooker Buffet:
Includes three 2.5 quart removable inserts
Each crock is controlled by separate adjustable temperature control
GE Slow Cooker Buffet set includes lid rests and spoons for easy serving
This GE 3-Crock Slow Cooker uses 25% less energy than traditional slow cookers
Perfect for entertaining or a family style meal


  1. Thanx for the uppies! I bought the triple slow cooker yesterday. Made meatloaf in my duch oven, for my fam, and made soy loaf in the crock pot an older model. Can’t wait to make delicious yummies in the triple slow cooker from toastmaster. I’m gonna try my hand at yogurt both v
    reg, and vegan. Your rabit stew looked scrumptious! I love rabbit stew. I’m not eating meat due to health issues now but I do like a good stew! Thanx again in CHRIST paula

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