Garlic Bok Choy () [VEGAN & GLUTEN-FREE]

I’ve been going through some things lately so I haven’t had the time or energy for my usual videos. This garlic bok choy has been something that I’ve been making lately that’s super simple and delicious, and I was inspired by Peaceful Cuisine’s style of videos lately that I felt like I needed to create something calm.

I don’t know about you but I don’t find my voice for voice-overs particularly that calm XD


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  1. Hello from NYC. Just discovered your channel and I’m loving your videos. I made a whole meal from this bok choy by adding some stuff and it was so yummy. I love the song. Do you know what it is?

  2. Thanks for the recipe! Looked really delicious and I will try it for sure. I feel a bit stupid, because I’ve been a vegan for quite some time, yet I had no idea what a bok choy was. So thanks for the educational content of the video, too… 😉

  3. I decided to try some yu choi for hot pot after you recommended it in another video, and with the rest of the greens I made this! Turned out really good, and I’m notoriously picky with cooked greens. Thanks!

  4. I LOVE how you filmed this video! Don’t get me wrong, love seeing your beautiful face and hearing your voice. Sometimes I just like these types of videos. BTW – that looked fantastic. I MUST get to the Asian market this next month.

  5. Hey everyone! Thanks for all your positive vibes and thoughts, I realize now that my description made it sound a bit more dramatic than I intended haha. I’ve just been dealing with a lot of things lately but things are starting to chill out and I can like sleep a full night again haha, so I should be back to my regular videos soon. And yes, I’m working on sharing some Viet recipes with you because you guys have been asking me a ton XD

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