Fun, Easy DIY Recipes for your DOG! Make healthy, nutritious pet food at home: Cooking For Dogs

Welcome to Cooking For Dogs!

As a lifelong dog-owner, animal advocate and believer in healthy and nutritious food for all my pups, I decided to create this channel to enable dog-lovers everywhere to share my delicious pet-friendly recipes, occasion cakes, grooming tips, breed information and lots more.

Don’t subject your pup to canned food every day (not to mention the breath it gives them!) and don’t risk feeding your dog toxic leftovers (did you KNOW 6 grapes is enough to cause liver damage!?) We upload on Friday at 11am EST every week. Roland my Toy Poodle is our chief taste tester but he often has his furry friends along to help out.

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Xx Christine


  1. We now upload twice a week by popular request – on Tuesdays we cover such topics as toys, breed information, sewing, clothing, upcycling and much more – then on Fridays it’s all about food and eating!

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