Full English Breakfast

A Full English Breakfast is an odd thing, but a delicious one. There’s no ‘recipe’, as such, it’s just a collection of separate items that may or may not belong on the same plate together. At its heart, you’ve got to have bacon, sausage and fried egg with either baked beans or grilled tomato. But there’s a bunch of other stuff that is frequently added – mushrooms, black pudding (blood pudding), and, contentiously, some form of potato. I can accept hash browns, even though they are not strictly English, but home fries or chips are a definite no-no.

The written/printable version is here: http://www.keefcooks.com/how-to-make-full-english-breakfast/

And you can make your own baked beans here:

The Irish, Scots and Welsh all have their variations on the Full English, but another story, that is.

The Full English fry-up, Full Monty breakfast is accompanied by hot buttered toast, or bread and butter, or a slice of fried bread. It is washed down with a mug of strong tea – coffee is not an option here, at least for me. A dollop of brown sauce (Daddie’s, HP or similar) is also required, but I will let you use ketchup if you insist.

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  1. just had a thought if you put your meat under the grill on the racked pan. with the pan covered with foil and then put an extra foil trey in the pan under the rack you could cook the bacon over the extra foil trey to catch the bacon grease and use that to fry your eggs, mushrooms and fried bread

  2. OK lets sort something out, The Full Monty was named after Field Marshall Montgomery. He was based in France and wanted Breakfast before going into battle. He went into a French Café which had a list of what you could order for Breakfast by item. He is reputed to have said give me two of every thing. It is doubtful that he had Hash Browns but may well of had Fried Potatoes instead. He would also of had 2 slices of Black Pudding, What you do not show is Bread or Toast or Fried Fresh Tomatoes.
    The Full English traditionally was the same, It started with a slice of fried Bread, 2  Bacon, Black Pudding, Sausages and some Baked Beans, Mushrooms and Tomatoes (Fresh not Tinned). 2 Eggs (Normally fried but it depends where you are eating), There would also be a Side Plate of Buttered Bread or Toast.
    Depending where you are in the U.K it is the Blood (Black) Pudding and the Hog’s (White) Pudding that may be included or omitted.
    The Fry up is what a Glasgow Café calls it’s version (Contrary to popular belief it and the Full Scottish does not contain Haggis, Or any of the Puddings but includes a Square of fried Sausage meat  and still has Sausages.
    I much prefer the Aldi or Lidl Baked Beans to any English made ones as the sauce is thicker.
    I have my version about once a month as a Brunch so it is Breakfast and Lunch with Black and Hog’s Pudding, I know some places you cannot get the Hog’s Pudding, I can at my Plymouth Sainsbury’s but my Brother in Law can’t at the Guilford one?

  3. I just had a heart attack after watching this video but it made me tear up a little! Miss a “Full English” without the horrible blood pudding though😱! Thanks for sharing Keefy!

  4. Hi Keef (Keith?!), I remember seeing some of your videos a while back (particularly like the tea one!).Thanks for making this, although I’m english, I struggle a bit trying to pull this mean breakfast off lol. It certainly challenges your multitasking skills! I often find myself running all over the kitchen trying not to burn everything lol. Think I’ll stick to making my curries, they’re far easier :D. Great video anyway, but one thing…. Fried egg in butter?!!!! Yuck! Has to be oil for me 😉 Keep cooking Keef 🙂

  5. Gotta love a full English !! I prefer fried bread but my hubby prefers toast n always gotta have a piece of crusty bread and butter too but better to get a crusty loaf lol xx my hubby also loves mushrooms n black pudding but I can’t stand that lol xx my mum yrs ago used to cook some other thing I think it was a round crispy meat looked like black pudding sort of but didn’t taste the same but so many yrs ago I can’t remember what it was but by god it was so yummy, she always used to make us a fry up on holiday when we were caravanning as she never used to have time when we were not on holiday as she used to work a lot and the school run too etc, but this has to b the best meal ever! I’ve done it for tea before now for my kids but they r fussy like me n only have sausages, beans, fried bread, bacon and fried eggs but I’m like u for the fried eggs I don’t mess with them n can’t stand a crispy egg lol xxx my hubby on the other hand likes everything on his fry up n I mean everything lol xx thanks keef cooks!! Love watching u n since yesterday I’ve watched nearly every video u have done lmao. X

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