Fresh Spinach & Cheese Calzone Recipe : Italian Dishes

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Fresh spinach and cheese calzones are a delicious dish that will surely please your entire family. Prepare fresh spinach and cheese calzones from a great recipe with help from the owner of a family Italian restaurant in this free video clip.

Expert: Clemenza Caserta
Bio: Clemenza Caserta started up a family Italian restaurant, Stuzzi, in Richmond, Virginia.
Filmmaker: Ashley Berkman

Series Description: You don’t have to know someone from Italy to bring authentic Italian flavors right into your own kitchen. Get the secret to making rich, delicious Italian dishes in your own home with help from the owner of a family Italian restaurant in this free video series.


  1. Do you activate the yeast with the salt?! Are you joking?! Everyone knows that the yeast must be activated with the sugar (it’s a simple and basic chemical reaction!), not the salt! The salt is the last ingredient that has to be added to the dough! Your dough indeed hasn’t risen at all, because the yeast hasn’t been properly activated! Look at it! You’re a total disaster! And rememeber: the Italians are watching you… do it right, my God! Ciao dall’Italia.

  2. u got the parmigiano reggiano the fontina ricotta asiago the mozzarella it don’t get better then that lol only the moscato or lambrusco wat a Beautiful thing ..bellissima delizioso!!

  3. clemenza’s the man!!! all these rockheads talking about breathing or cooking temps! what the hell do they know?? if I ever make it to VA I’m going  to Stuzzi!!!

  4. why are you people so rude about his breathing . what ever is causing him to be short of breath i am sure he is aware of it . he is taking the time to show all of us viewers how to make this awesome calzone . i was always taught from my parents that …. if you can’t say anything nice , don’t say anything at all !  thank you chef for making this beautiful calzone . great video . i also love your hearth . i would love one of these ovens in my yard to bake my bread n other baked goods in . have a great weekend .

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