Freezer-Friendly Vegan Breakfast Burritos

Today we are showing you how to make delicious and freezer-friendly vegan breakfst burritos!
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  1. Hi everyone 🙂 For next month’s collaboration video, we need your help!

    Leave a comment of an ingredient suggestion **as a reply to this post** for our Vegan Chopped Challenge next month. Please up-vote the ones that you want us to use and the 2-3 comments with the most amount of up-votes win!

  2. I have to be soy free. So am gonna sub sliced quinoa-based polenta or regular polenta vs tofu. And Portobello mushrooms would work! Jackfruit, too!

  3. This is a serious question why don’t you guys have more subscribers? Because I do hear your guy’s name gets mentioned in every other vegan youtuber’s channel a lot of them have a lot more subscribers than you guys? Since so many channels are inspired by you guys why aren’t you guys the most subscribed channel?

  4. Great video you guys 💜💜 we are so trying this- my husband loves burritos 🙌🙌 the ingredient I would choose would be mushrooms 🍄💗

  5. Mega yum! Now I have zero excuse to keep buying frozen burritos! Would love to see more freezer friendly recipes. Also LOVE this series & so glad it’s a regular thing between my fave youtubers! 😘

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