Foolproof Vegan Pasta (cheap, easy and nutritionally complete)

Foolproof vegan pasta! By “foolproof,” I mean simple, easy-to-make, cheap and nutritionally complete. You could eat only this recipe and meet all of your nutritional needs AND it would only cost you $4.50 a day (based on a 2000 calorie diet).

Please let me know if you find this video useful. If so, I would love to make this a regular series. 🙂

*Foolproof Vegan Pasta*
– 13.25 oz (375 grams) whole wheat pasta (I used Barilla Rotini)
– 3 tbsp canola oil
-2 packages frozen vegetables (Kroger stir fry starters & Fiesta style vegetables)
– 24 oz pasta sauce (I used Classico Tomato & Basil)
– 1 cup dry TVP
– 1 cup calcium-fortified unsweetened almond milk (I used Kroger’s Simple Truth brand)

1. Start by cooking the pasta by following the directions on the package.
2. While the pasta is cooking, heat a large skillet over medium heat and add the canola oil and vegetables. Cook for a few minutes, just until the veggies are heated through.
3. When the pasta is done cooking, strain it and add it to the skillet along with the vegetables. Put it all into a huge bowl and set aside.
4. Return the skillet to the burner set to medium heat and add the pasta sauce, TVP and almond milk. (A neat trick for getting all of the pasta sauce out of the jar is to add the almond milk to the jar, shake it up, and pour into the pan.)
5. Let the mixture cook for a few minutes, stirring occasionally, until the TVP has soaked up some of the liquid.
6. Add the sauce to the pasta and veggies and stir. Season to taste.

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  1. For you Celiac/Gluten intolerant humans:

    According to Cronometer, swamping out Barilla Pasta which provides 10% of daily magnesium per 1oz with one of two different gluten free pastas, you won’t get that magnesium but instead:
    ~5$ a box of Jovial provides 12% of zinc per 2 oz
    ~2$ a bag of Trader Joes Rice noodles provide 8% of sodium per 2oz
    Prices vary with Long Grain Brown Rice provides 18% Magnesium, 12% Zinc, 6% Cystine 5% Lysine, and 3% Potassium per 140g

    Rice is probably the cheapest and most nutritionally dense.
    Jovial is more expensive however. …but so damn delicious!

  2. Okay. I’ll have a go.
    …kale seitan isn’t idiot proof and complete. Now I understand why the recipe is not promoted.

    *said by a celiac so I really don’t care about seitan. ✌🏿

  3. Swayze!!! Thank you so much for pulling through on these videos, I’d love to see more of them. As someone with depression/anxiety issues, it isn’t always easy to eat plant based or even just healthfully in general. WF diets are even tougher for me when I’m having a rough patch. It means a lot to me to have cheap, quick, NUTRITIONALLY COMPLETE (!!!!!) options that I can make and just eat all day and still know I’m not harming myself. You’re the best. <3

  4. I made this in my rice cooker and all I had was Vanilla soy milk. So I used it and with all the flavors of the pasta including added garlic and things from me you couldn’t tell that it was Vanilla sweet and soy milk. This is one of those cases where you have to use what you got and it was delicious I still have some in the refrigerator and I froze some. I live alone so I like to make big meals so I can Bank a few.

  5. Somebody said that a vegan diet is necessarily deficient. Not true and most of us have yearly blood work to prove it. Eating vegan correctly contains no deficiencies other than perhaps for some B12. My B12 is fine so is everything else including protein. Do some research before you spout off about something you know very little about please. Elizabeth MD PhD nutrition science.

    3 tbsp olive oil in a pan
    Add a diced chili (no seeds)
    Once some of the moisture has cooked off the chili, add 4 cloves garlic chopped thin.
    Before it turns brown, add 2 cans of san marzano tomatoes, and then spray the juice off the sides of the can, then add that water in as well.

    Simmer for 3 hours and youre good. Store bought pasta sauce is fucking gross

  7. This is great for when you are staying over at a relative’s house and you don’t want to be a “burden” with your “fancy, trendy diet” OR bring over a back of food. You’ll usually only have to buy the plant-based milk and TVP, since pasta and veggies are usually pantry staples.

  8. I make a vegtable pasta that is very close to this recipe. I even use the same pasta (brand and style!). Now that I know I only need to add a couple of ingredients to make it nutritionally complete, I am very pleased and looking forward to the next time I cook it!

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