Fondue Party Ideas & Recipes

Fondue party ideas and recipes for your next get together.

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Roasted Artichoke Hearts with Lemon Aioli – 1:18
Salad with Olives, Fennel, Oranges – 3:32
Cheese Fondue – 6:16
Chocolate Fondue – 10:26
Easy Pound Cake – 12:53


Roasted Artichoke Hearts with Lemon Aioli –

Salad with Olives, Fennel, Oranges –

Cheese Fondue –

Chocolate Fondue –

Easy Pound Cake –


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  1. OK OK I am making this whole dinner party for my friends tommorow night and I am sooo excited!! Thank you Beth for sharing you’re food. Hopefully it’ll go well !!

  2. Beth I saw a all-clad fondue set at marshalls for $99 is that a good price? I know all-clad make really nice items but do you still think that’s too pricey? I have a small fondue set I got from pier 1 but was looking for something that would serve more people.

  3. Hmm … I love your videos and recipes, Beth! But this fondue makes me sad. I’m from Switzerland and was growing up with fondue. I know both: the fondue with cheese and the fondue chinoise with meat which you cook in bouillon.
    And the fondue pot you have is originally for fondue chinoise. The pot for cheese fondue should be ceramic and it’s called caquelon.
    Oh by the way. For me it’s very interesting which ingredients you use. I don’t really know what your Swiss Cheese taste like. Is it like Emmentaler, or Appenzeller? Because Gruyère is originally from Switzerland too, so what flavor has Swiss Cheese? ^^’
    PS: For my favorite fondue we use moitié-moitié which means half-half, because it’s half Gruyère and half Vacherin Fribourgeois :3
    And I love to use homemade baked “Buurebrot” which is translated as farmer bread. My sister loves to eat the fondue with fresh ananas and clementines, my father likes cornichons and I like my fondue pure with the bread ^^’
    And potatoes we only eat with Raclette and other warm cheese dish :3
    PPS: I love eating with the fondue fork, never used normal forks ^^’

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