Focaccia Bread with Tomatoes – Italian Recipe by Rossella Rago – Cooking with Nonna

Get the Recipe in this Video:
Rossella invites her own grandma Romana to prepare a classic Focaccia Bread recipe with tomatoes – Focaccia Barese.
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  1. Rossella! one thing you don’t speciefy is that just olive oil or extra virginnn! in your focaccia i’m invited to a big party on Friday and was told to bring focaccia; no wonder I got invited also good thing I looked at your video beacouse I wasn’t using alf of the amount of oil I just putted lots on top but not  with the flour, now mine it’ll be a lot better thanks to you and nonna,grazie for the tip

  2. Reminds me of when i lived in Pianura and Naples, Italy, except you did not dimple the dough. Nonna didn’t even notice the tomato was missing. 🙂 Thanks for posting.

  3. I am so Happy to hear that you’re from Mola di Bari, it is my birth town as well! I also remember the smell and taste of focaccia whenever near a bakery of grocery store. Whenever I visit it is my favorite!!!  Mille Grazie Nonna and Rossella!

  4. I have to say. I was taken by surprise when I heard that you’re from Mola Di Bari..
    Thats where my mom and dad are from. My grandmother lived up the street from the church in the piazza or Fountain.
    I’m sure your grandmother know my family..

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