Fluffy Pancakes Recipe – Special Breakfast

Having tried many pancake recipes over the years, this is the winner! Simple ingredients are combined to produce the fluffiest pancakes that always please everyone at breakfast. But what makes them so fluffy? Look and see!
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  1. I tried this recipe for breakfast today. Very pleased with how they turned out. Easy to make and they looked perfect. But they are super filling, couldn’t eat more than two 😉

  2. this recipe makes scotch pancakes – they are actually very tasty when left to cool. seems there are better recipes out there in the sense that there is less faffing about and im not sure but this mix seems to have issues with cooking correctly – also you need to let the cakes rest to complete the cooking process or else they will be gooey in the middle.

  3. note, make sure the milk is room temp, I had it cold and the melted butter (even cooled) turned into lumps…otherwise the recipe’s great, today was around 100’s time that I cooked it 🙂

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