FLAMING A CHRISTMAS PUDDING – Flame a Christmas Pudding

I was asked to show how to Light a Christmas Pudding by a Subscriber (Some time ago) and so I thought I would make this video. I hope you like it

You will Need.

1 Christmas Pudding
1-2 tablespoons of Brandy

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  1. Steve – I just found your channel because I was looking up how to flame a pudding – what a great collection of videos!! Thanks for this one and Merry Christmas!

  2. how far in advance do you make the pudding?? you steam it and then store it how long?? and what temperature to prevent it from spoiling? Can it be store in the fridge??

  3. +FitAnge S Hey Angie. Im just trying from the YouTube app to see if I can comment just to you. So what I have done is not replied to a comment because you reply it is always public. You need to write a new comment, (even if you want to reply privately to what some one has said) and then below the comment remove public and put the use name.

    Now after all that it failed for me because the app won’t let me delete public? :(. There’s a edit pencil next to the send to box but it doesn’t work.

  4. I wanted to use a real silver sixpence but it’s hard to get one here in the US without spending quite a bit so I got a rectangular silver charm that looks like a little christmas present. I did get a sixpence last year, but it wasn’t pure silver so I ended up not using it. I would like to get my hands on a nice pure silver sixpence coin!

  5. Hey Petey, you have conjured up all sort of mayhem in my mind now. I’m not sure if I should rush and put up a disclaimer of give a little evil chortle as I stroke my white cat. .. Where is that puss. HA HA HAAA!

    I should add to my Bogan viewers (Red Necks I think you call them) That Meths will not make a suitable substitute for Brandy nor a bucket for the Ladle LOL

    Have a great Weekend my pyrotechnic friend.


  6. How beautiful is that!!?? Of course when I do this I am sure there will be hospital visits and lots of trips to the plastic surgeon to get my face fixed!?? But of course the bright side is I might be good look’n when it’s all done??

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