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This is episode 7 in my new series, How to make Vegan “Fish’ & Chips’!! This is something you need to try!!

full written recipe on my website!

Since making this video, I sadly have found that The Beer I used in this video is no longer vegan, so please make sure you choose a 100% vegan brand. Apologies for this. Gaz

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  1. Hola soy de Guayaquil Ecuador. Y soy vegetariana.
    Me encanta cocinar. Asi como tu lo haces. Incluso tengo mi instagram, vegetarian_fusion_gourmet
    Y en todos estos años que soy vegetariana. Es la primera vez que encuentro en la web alguien que cocine como a mi me gusta!
    En mi país es caro, productos como.leches de almendras o los casheew. Y ciertos productos que tu usas. Pero sigues siendo espectacular! Te felicito.

  2. That really looks delicious. What I don’t get is why vegans continue to call things after animals. Call it what it is, seaweed tofu and chips. I’ll be cooking this one though.

  3. Oh……………….My……………….GOD So tasty that seafood, i dubble layered it with seaweed and did a dubble dip into the batter and cut the tofu extra thin and half the size you showed, cus too much tofu is not good for humans. THANKS so much for this idea, you are great

  4. This man appears to be amazed and astounded by the idea of roast potatoes…and that things change colour when you cook them…and that companies apparantly manufacture potatoes…dear god the hipsters, THE HIPSTERS! Someone please make a Hipster school where they teach them they aren’t inventing something when they make it for the first time.

  5. Thank you for giving us a glimpse of your beautiful country (love when chefs go outdoors) but yr kitchen’s super cool too!
    “Gardein” makes pretty good vegan fish, but they use wheat gluten: Something I eat once in a while.
    But yr recipe is one I could eat several times in a week.
    Can’t wait to try it:)

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