Fiesta at Rick’s: How to Make Mexican Paella for a Crowd

Bravo’s Top Chef Master Rick Bayless shows you how to prepare Mexican Paella for a crowd and then walks you through the ingredients you’ll need to do it yourself. The recipe is straight from the cookbook, “Fiesta at Rick’s” (2010, W. W. Norton).

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“Fiesta at Rick’s” offers 150 diverse preparations organized into easy-to-follow chapters. But it’s far more than a collection of recipes. With four complete, can’t-miss menus for parties ranging from a Luxury Guacamole Bar Cocktail Party for 12 to a Classic Mexican Mole Fiesta for 24, Bayless has all your friends covered. Each of these parties has a complete game plan, from a thought-out time line with advance shopping and preparation to a fiesta playlist. Whether a first-time entertainer or a seasoned veteran, anyone can learn from the helpful sidebars, which cover topics such as how to shuck oysters, the perfect avocado for guacamole, and the best way to pick out fresh fish for ceviche preparations. Bayless breaks down the timeless building blocks that make up authentic Mexican food, explaining the value of fresh tortillas and providing surprisingly simple instructions for making your own Mexican Fresh Cheese.

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  1. I wonder where are the spanish traditionalist and purist who normally opposes the ingredients used in this mexican paella because they simply cannot accept it is being called a paella. Their famous line is ” I’m Spanish and this is not paella at all”. Hahaha!

  2. NOTHING impresses the crowd like a paella, cooked over wood, on a beautiful day!!! I LOVE this guy ( my wife gets mad because whenever I cook Mexican, I imitate his voice for basically the whole day)

  3. I went out and bought a paella after this granddaughter comes into the kitchen and wants to help me every time I use it. bonus as it became a great “quality time” tool. 🙂

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