Family Minestrone Soup | Michela Chiappa

We’ve raided the archives for a cracking soup at this time of the year. Michela Chiappa has a winner of a recipe, it’s her version of a hearty, healthy Italian Minestrone Soup, with a little tip to make a delicious veg purée for weaning babies too! Packed with delicious veg, this soup fills you up and keeps you going too. It’s full of flavour, and super easy to make. Give it a try!

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  1. So is the stock seasoned or not ? You can’t not add the stock to the baby food because it’s seasoned, then add it to the adult food and then season it.

  2. Hey! Can anyone please tell me what are the sticky, caramelised bits of meat or vegetables left in the pan when they are roasted called? Great recipe, by the way! I’ll try this tonight!

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