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Hey Guys, Welcome back to my channel!! This is the first episode in season 5 & its the first in a few special Christmas videos. Please can you all use the hashtag #GazsVeganChristmas if you share the videos or recreate the dishes.

The first is the most epic ultimate vegan Christmas roast wellington. Gone are the boring nut roasts, this recipe is game changing!! The flavours are incredible & it has a really meaty texture whilst being packed with Christmassy flavours. I hope you all try it because its literally FIRE!! Please see below useful links to products I used in the video plus outfit details. Thanks Gaz @gazoakley.

Apron – http://geni.us/RX4vjC
NInja Blender! – http://geni.us/ninjablender
Bowls & Crockery – http://geni.us/nomliving
My Chef Knives – http://geni.us/wusthofknives
Muslin/Cheese Cloth – http://geni.us/muslin
Vital Wheat Gluten – http://geni.us/nutritionalyeast


Ralph Lauren Gold Frame Glasses from @davidclulow – http://geni.us/davidclulow
Shirt from @asos
Top from @scrtco http://geni.us/5VRoK7
Jeans from @mennace_ltd http://geni.us/mennaceltd
Canvas shoes from @converse

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  1. I made this yesterday. Oh my goodness, it is wonderful. My family said they felt like I was serving a gourmet meal to them.
    I highly recommend making this outstanding dish! I can’t wait to try some of your other recipes.

  2. Do you think you could make the instructions on your website more detailed please? I’ve found this with lots of your recipes that what’s written on the website doesn’t always correspond with the video and it’s a bit of a pain to flick between the two

  3. This guy is so beautiful. An excellent cook, a great personality (I assume it’s all real!), attractive A…FFFFF, and just a great positive vibe.

    As a coffee expert with nearly two decades of industry experience, I think your channel would be great with an addition of coffee and tea beverages, methods, etc. If you need hints or ideas, give me a buzz.

    Fucking love this channel!

  4. I would love to make this for Christmas. What could I use instead of muslin wrap? I do not have this at home. Is it still possible to cook the roast correctly without it? Also, instead of apple cider, could I use apple sauce?
    Thank you for all your amazing recipes!

  5. I get a contagious funny laugh when you said Unbelievable…twice in two seconds i replayed it ! great recipes every time even more dope ! Loving your aesthetic on your channel xx love ya Gaz don’t tell my my xD your a handsome chef ! and vegan 🙂

  6. Made this for a Christmas party with friends and it was a huge success! Made it with leftover seitan from your vegan steak recipe, blitzed it up and added spinach, mushrooms and some other flavourings. Epic!

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