English breakfast vs. American breakfast

http://preparetoserve.com/ENGLAND English breakfast vs. American breakfast (from an American perspective).


  1. The Full English is traditionally had on a Saturday or a Sunday to make you full for the rest of the day. Any other day it’s usually cereal, jam on toast, poached egg on toast, porridge…something like that

  2. most English people have toast or cereal for breakfast. Farmers and other manual workers might eat a cooked breakfast regularly but the rest of us usually only have it on weekends.

  3. I’m English I eat cereal everyday a fry up once in a while , us bits don’t eat like that at all , it’s a bowl of cereal or toast mainly we have , the full English maybe once a week if that

  4. Why are Americans so shocked by UK baked bean consumption? LOL! I work with a yanky girl who ate a whole can of beans on their own for lunch the other day! When we were children , my brother & I called them “cowboy beans” 🙂

  5. Hi, Just to let you know that the breakfasts you were given were “special” as you were a guest. Most people these days would have toast and jam, cereal or perhaps a boiled egg. (one of them, not all) Just like if you had a house guest you would probably buy in all sorts of extra food. If you are in the north of england your host puts great importance on providing food. I think ALL your hosts perhaps gave you their best, but that is not how 90% of the British eat at breakfast time. Thank you, I enjoyed your video.

  6. You can think of it as fried-toast but it’s not toast – it’s just *fried bread* – used as a carrier for scrambled egg – or tomatoes – or beans – as a blotter for the juices on the plate.

    I have seen overseas businessmen put butter and marmalade on their fried bread – not a pretty sight.

  7. The full English breakfast isn’t really the norm but certainly a lot of people will have it, probably not daily though. I think you’re more likely to see tea and toast, or a breakfast cereal like cornflakes or weetabix.

  8. the uk usually  has different variations. for example when i make one i just use back bacon, sausage, hass browns, toast or fried bread, fried eggs, beans.. and if we have any maybe black pudding or mushrooms. not that keen on tomatoes on breakfast

  9. Potato? I’m not sure what part of the UK you stayed in to have that but it is NOT part of the traditional breakfast , maybe a hash brown . We have bubble and squeak , this is a meal ( dinner , lunch time ) and it’s left overs veg and potato from the day before and it’s fried.

  10. So funny this video, in England we do not eat fried breakfast every day, it’s a now and then thing, however, for the elders we will make it , just so they know what it is. The blood past, lol it’s call black pudding, and it’s is infact pigs blood, u can either eat it fried or raw

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