English Breakfast Recipes With Eggs British Cooking

English Breakfast Recipes With Eggs British Cooking. How To Make English Breakfast. In this video I’ll be showing you British Cooking, how to make the world famous British Food a Fry Up Cooked Breakfast recipe with eggs. There is nothing more British than this full English breakfast recipe. So if you enjoy British Food give this Fry up Breakfast a try. I love cooking the sausages, bacon, black pudding, baked beans, grilled tomatoes and sauteed mushrooms and fried eggs in this Cooked English breakfast, there’s something special about how the flavour combinations and cooking methods produce those classic tastes of British Food. I use local fresh Cornish Food, local honey roast sausages, locally sourced Black pudding. I don’t think the tomato was grown in Cornwall, but I did source it all from the local Cornish shop. In this How To Cook I also talk a lot about the history of the Fry Up, when it became a fry up and what it was originally intended for at weddings. That’s right it was originally a meal at a wedding. I also talk about the regional variations, Scottish, Welsh and of course the Cornish Breakfast. This is one of my favourite things to eat, any time of day. Just needs a cup of tea to make it complete.


  1. My background is British and this is honestly one of my favourite meals!! Looks absolutely amazing and I love how you show it. I love the details in editing and the process on which you take us! Great job, I subscribed!

  2. Interesting video. I’ve always been wondering how one can eat such a heavy breakfast in the morning. In Germany we eat rolls or toast with jam, honey or cheese. Some eat cereals or müsli. The kitchen remains cold except for the toaster and the coffee maker. No offense meant, but I would probably feel sick after an English breakfast. It’s also pretty extensive and time-consuming to make it. Does the average person in the UK make this on weekdays before work too? Again, I know people do things differently and that’s what makes the world interesting, I just want to understand. ☺

  3. Just in Germany, Soest, Sasbach, but we travelled when there was no school.We never got to the island, as dad’s car he wanted got cancelled. It was a CapriLong time ago…

  4. I haven’t had an English breakfast in a long time, I can buy Heinz baked beans in the international isle at my local Stop & Shop supermarket in my town in Coventry, Rhode Island USA

  5. I can’t have anything more than tea, in the morning. Watching my ex boyfriend having a British breakfast in London was a torture.

  6. Looks Good brother! I’m gonna have to take on your english breakfast with a kiwi big breakfast though .. that’ll be coming on Saturday morning 😉

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