Emeril’s Turkey Breast with Roasted Garlic | Thanksgiving Recipes |Martha Stewart

Martha Stewart and Emeril Lagasse show how to prepare turkey breast, an ideal-size bird for a smaller gathering. Emeril injects a brine mixture into the turkey, a technique popular in Louisiana, and makes a roasted-garlic rub for added flavor.

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Emeril’s Turkey Breast with Roasted Garlic⎢Emeril Lagasse⎢Martha Stewart


  1. Terrible rude people commenting. Emeril lost so much (Hurricane Katrina destroyed his New Orleans establishments including THOUSANDS of dollars in wine cellars/ assets) Lagasse has barely recovered financially but moreso EMOTIONALLY from his true human losses. he has set up funds and foundations for many survivors in NO and in NY post 9/11. Martha Stewart, who adores and admires Emeril, graciously bought out part of his brand to help him recover. She didn’t have to do this — this was a humanitarian business decision. Many of you are shameful and stupid.

  2. Three words to describe this woman:
    Obtuse – as she seems to be always 10~15 seconds slower than where Emeril goes
    Bumptious – as she seems to be quite confident about what she does and jokes
    Discourteous – as she so frequently interrupts Emeril without good reason
    Overall, it’s a pain to look at her face/listen to her voice/or even just seeing her moving her hands.

    Ultimately, the recipe is amazing!

  3. This is so helpful Martha. Last year my maid quit on Thanksgiving day. I had guests coming for dinner so I had to try to whip the turkey up myself. I just threw it in the oven and hoped for the best. When we went to cut it there was this stuff inside. I had no idea that it came with the neck and giblets inside there. I just told everybody that I had stuffed it with a charcuterie tray. Everybody was totally impressed and thought I knew what I was doing. This video would have helped immensely!

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