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The Eggplant Lasagna was delicious, quick to prepare and would make a beautiful dish to serve for company. I will say, a few of my eggplant were a bit tough. I thought I had grilled them to perfection, but the altitude here in the mountains is always tricky when it comes to cooking. Although each slice appeared to be grilled nicely and soft, a few were a bit chewy.
I desperately wanted to make this Eggplant Lasagna, especially since my husband wanted beef last night — vegetables were on my menu this evening. Determined, I contacted BelGioioso on the phone and spoke with a lovely woman, Jamie. She gladly emailed me the recipe so I could satisfy my craving.
Just in case my husband wouldn’t eat this (he’s a picky eater), I purchased some halibut to compliment the Eggplant Lasagna, and topped it with the Marinara Sauce. It was perfect!
My Towering Eggplant Lasagna with Fresh Mozzarella without question can stand alone as an entree’, but for my husbands sake I added the halibut, in the event he didn’t want it. He’s not a huge vegetable fan. I was pleased that he ate half the dish, while my son finished off what my husband didn’t want.


  1. I do have to mimic what others said, the black and white isn’t necessary you can just put the camera closer, tie your hair back and maybe sound a littler happier.

    Personally I would have cooked some ground italian sausage with my meat sauce.

  2. Hi. love your recipe. My question is the texture of the eggplant tastier with the skin on? By peeling the eggplant skin, will the slices breakup? Thank you

  3. c’mon keep it positive!

    I like the recipe. I’m a vegan but can totally sub what I need to..thank you for putting yourself out there and making the vid. always bk luv all day erry day!

  4. Nice Dish but the black and white effect is kind of off putting ! also would have been nice if you had plated it up to show the finished product. Nice video otherwise.

  5. This is also great for the Keto diet- or any low-carb diet replacing noodles w the eggplant sliced lengthwise. I would’ve liked to see more of how to prepare the eggplant-I got the method of this dish by the title. From reading the description you are still working on the perfect eggplant yourself lol. Thankyou for this great low carb lasagna idea!

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