Egg with Paratha – Indian Breakfast Recipe

How to make Scrambled Egg with spices. A perfect Indian style Sunday breakfast.

Half Onion
2 Eggs
Ground Black Pepper

1. Cut up a half an onion
2. Then slice 2-3 chillis (TIP: cut diagonally)
3. Then shred a small-handful of coriander
4. Place two whole eggs into a bowl and mix-well
5. Add a pinch of salt
6. Put approx. 2 Tsp of oil onto a hot pan (preferable Olive Oil)
7. Add chopped onions
8. Add pinch of salt
9. Add pinch of ground black pepper
10. Add pinch of turmeric
11. Cook for a while
12. Add sliced chillis
13. Pour in egg mixture
14. Cook for a while
15. Add coriander
16. Get a clean non-stick pan and add a pre-made paratha. Flip occasionally.
17. Combine both and Enjoy 🙂

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