Egg Toast | Easy breakfast recipe | French Toast

Is there nothing better than Egg toast for Sunday breakfast? Thick slices of bread, soaked in a mixture of beaten eggs with milk, toasted in a frying pan. It is perfect recipe if your having lazy morning don’t want to do work in kitchen. Even the good recipe for your kido, they will loved it if you just put some chocolate sauce or honey. Every mother struggles with tiffine so this the one of quick and easy recipe just take 15 min to make. So just get started
We are making this recipe for 3-4 people
Making time : 15 min
– 2 eggs
5-6 Bread slice/ brown bread/white bread
– 100 ml milk
– Salt to taste
– Sugar (Optional)
– Oil/butter
– Vanilla extract
Lets make it
1) First beat eggs and mix it vigorously with milk
2) After that add pinch of salt and vanilla extract
3) Heat the pan add 4-5 Tsp of oil and allow to heat. Keep gas on slow flame
4) After heating oil soak bread slice into egg batter and place into the pan
5) Fry till golden brown from both the side it will take hardly 5 min
6) Serve hot with butter or your kido love sweet things just sprinkle some sugar or honey

– Don’t soak bread for longer time into the egg batter it will take more time to cook
Let me know your reaction on this, have a sweet life. “Stay Healthy Stay Hungry”

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