Easy Vegan Yogurt | 2 Ingredients

This is a easy vegan soy yogurt that only requires 2 ingredients and it is done in a Cosori pressure cooker. http://deal.cosori.com/
Vegan yogurt can get expensive but this is a easy cheap way to make it.

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Full Recipe:

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  1. Im a new subscriber but have to say that everything I’ve made of yours is delish. I’ve made a few other recipes as well as this yogurt and all are yummy. Just watched the pasteles recipe and tho they look like they taste wonderful, they would be too much work for me, after all I am 73 years young. Kind of got on the vegan kick late, about five years ago. Thanks for your recipes. Your enthusiasm wakes me up tho I’m glad you’re speaking a tad slower. 🙂

  2. I can’t do a lot of soy and I stopped drinking soy milk long time ago. I drink unsweeted vanilla almond dream or rice milk and dream yogurt. Do you think that would work? and I have a Power XL Pressure Cooker which doesn’t have a yogurt button.

  3. Vegan Rose you have a sweet energy and addictive vibe I love it . Just watching your videos one after the other. Forgetting to press the like button smh. I’m so so glad you show this video my husband bought me an instant pot 6 months now. I never used it so I’ll try the yogurt but with almond milk instead of soya milk . Also my husband bought me an air fryer I used it once please do recipes with air fryer . Please thanks.

  4. I own an Instant Pot and decided to try this recipe. I used the same soy milk you used and Kite Hill Vanilla Soy yogurt. After 8 hours on the yogurt setting, all I had was lukewarm soy milk. What did I do wrong? I made sure the pressure valve was sealed, used 3 TBS of the yogurt…any suggestions?

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