Easy Vegan Tamales

Why make tamales that take so long when you can make this vegan tamales recipe. This vegan tamales recipe is so fast and easy to make that you can make it weekly without a problem.

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  1. Made this yesterday and had them for dinner and cold for lunch today. Both were amazing! I made the enchilada sauce and refried beans from scratch and then followed this for the tamales. Everyone loved them! Thanks for the recipe. 💕❤️

  2. Excellent recepie!..
    Have a can of hearts of palm that imma throw in there roughly chopped when I do mine next.
    And I love a chunky tartar sauce do I hit it with minced sweet onion

  3. Wow yum. I’ve never made tamales before, because the corn husk thing always intimidated me. Lol I know that sounds weird. But now that I know I can use foil…. oh it’s on now!! Haha

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