HOW TO COOK–MEAL IDEAS…13 yr old Master Vegan Chef jr makes VEGAN TOFURKY pot roast for dinner. If you are a VEGAN or if you are not a vegan it doesn’t matter. Vegans and non-vegans will love this delicious TOFURKY (TOFU TURKEY) meal. Its a great idea for ANY HOLIDAY….whether its EASTER DINNER, PASSOVER, THANKSGIVING, OR CHRISTMAS…..or any night of the week that’s a SPECIAL occasion, even Friday night or Saturday or Sunday Brunch. This young chef takes you through the steps and shows you step-by-step HOW TO MAKE a tofurkey Feast for dinner. Being VEGAN is easy as young vegan chef shows you HOW TO COOK. This cooking class is fun. This is a quick & easy cooking lesson. EASTER MEALS: VEGAN FEAST HOW TO MAKE/ HOW to COOK Tofurky (tofu turkey) Roast is a great cooking video that will TEACH you HOW TO COOK BETTER. You will master basic cooking skills in one short lesson. This video will teach you how to cook.If you don’t know how to cook but you want to learn how to cook healthy nutritious meals you must try this recipe for all your Holiday meals. HOLIDAY MEALS made easy with this simple vegan recipe! 13 yr old Teenage girl has been a Vegan for 14 years and cooking VEGAN FOOD since age 7. She loves to COOK. COOKING IS FUN, COOKING IS FUN. She will TEACH you HOW COOKING IS FUN. COOKING HEALTHY VEGAN is easy & FUN. Its FUN & EASY TO COOK VEGAN MEALS. This EASTER or CHRISTMAS or THANKSGIVING, make a VEGAN pot roast. She should be DONALD TRUMPS PERSONAL CHEF. Whether you VOTE FOR TRUMP or not , whether you are VEGAN or not, you will find this VEGAN RECIPE easy & fun to COOK , and agree….that it is a meal that is fit for a King or President!


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