Easy Vegan Party Finger Foods, Appetizers, Hors D’Oeuvres

Have a vegan or vegans coming over? It’s easy, quick and affordable to put something together that both meat eater and vegans will love. Let me show you!

I threw a wee gathering for some friends for the Game of Thrones season six premiere so I grabbed my camera and wanted to show how quick (less than half an hour) and easy it is to do! Being a vegan is less restrictive and more effortless than ever. A big shoutout to Gardein for all the food used here (not sponsored, just a fan) as well as Punk Rawk Labs. That almond milk cheese is stellar.

Full list of the spread (all vegan)

Crab cakes with tartar sauce
Whoopie pies, black forest bars, cookies
Sliders (Beef and Chicken, some with spicy mayo)
Veggie plate with ceasar salad dressing
Punk Rawk Smoked Almond Cheese with Herb Crackers

It’s so easy to put together amazing finger foods, appetizers and hors d’oeuvres for any vegan party nowadays! This food was delicious and as you will see almost none of it was left!

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