EASY Vegan Jackfruit BBQ (with fresh jackfruit!)

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BBQ Jackfruit is SO delicious! This is my go-to, lazy way of making a ton of it in one big pot. I use fresh jackfruit because I find the flavor is better than canned, plus I can control how much salt goes in. Hope you guys love this! Leave a comment with questions & thoughts. xoxox

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  1. Just found out that the seeds can be eaten, boiled for 30 minutes, or roasted. I hate wasting food, so I’m gonna try it. If it’s the variety of jackfruit that has a rubbery sheath around the seed, you have to slice it and remove the sheath. The one I bought looks just like the ones you used, and just has a thin skin around the seed.

  2. Saw some comments elsewhere about how to deal with the sticky resin – coat your hands and knife blade with vegetable oil, etc. before you begin – one person said use rubbing alcohol to clean your hands after preparation, then warm water & lots of soap. BTW, great video. I was afraid to tackle this till I watched you do it.

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