Easy Vegan Funnel Cake

Easy vegan funnel cake! This stuff is so yummy. When you crave funnel cake and don’t want to spend an hour making some. This easy vegan funnel cake recipe will go perfectly.

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Full Recipe: http://www.veggierose.com/single-post/2017/06/10/Easy-Vegan-Funnel-Cake

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  1. Thanks for this recipe made it tonight it was delicious everybody loved it especially my son he litterally didnt want to stop eating them and i dont know why i got the impression that it made only one serving cause watching the video again i realize that u only did one to show us so i went and double the recipe since we were a few for dinner and now i have a ton of funnel cake but its ok i told my boyfriend he had to bring them on monday where he works to give them away

  2. I found your channel, literally this morning and I can’t stop watching. YOUR VEGAN RECIPES ARE SO FREAKING SIMPLE. I am literally going to go to your channel everyday to see what I want to make next. I love it, Thank you!

  3. Thanks so much for this. I started baking a few years ago and love and and now I’m back at square one for dessert and such because I’m not sure how to make them vegan. I’d love more desserts if you ever felt like it ☺️

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