Easy Sparkling Party Punch – How To Make The Easiest Way

Make this recipe!! http://www.chow.com/recipes/30548-sparkling-rum-and-pomegranate-punch

Hosting a holiday party can be a lot of fun; getting stuck making drinks the whole night at that party can be a real drag. In this video recipe, Lisa Lavery of the CHOW Test Kitchen uses our Sparkling Rum and Pomegranate Punch recipe to make a delicious drink that’ll free you up to mingle.

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  1. Just made this punch for my party tonight. Tastes great and has a wonderful color. I’m lying but it looks like a really good punch! I love you CHOW! Happy New Years. Bye.

  2. Looks great@!!! I love chow so much thanks for all of the videos you post, they help me a lot!!!!!!!!!! Please COMMENT BACK TO ME It would mean the world and the best christmas gift ever!111111

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