Easy Roasted Pumpkin Soup Recipe (4 Ingredients!) | Nutritarian | Vegan

You guys are gonna love this one — especially for Thanksgiving or Christmas or any other holiday really! You can use this recipe as a base to create your own flavor profiles (think cinnamon and nutmeg, or oregano and thyme, or even cumin and ginger). It’s a truly easy recipe that has only 4 ingredients. Let me know what you think! ((full recipe below))
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This is a recipe video created by Cheri Alberts of The Watering Mouth website. Cheri posts a new recipe video every week, which details how to make a new Nutritarian recipe each time. The full recipes are always found above in the description, by following the link to her blog post on the website. You can follow along with this series by subscribing to her YouTube channel.

Cheri blogs on her website “The Watering Mouth” http://www.thewateringmouth.com about recipes and more information that is applicable to anyone’s journey to health. Her website is intended to be an open, honest place to get healthy while exploring roadblocks, patterns, and food issues. The Watering Mouth is also a repository for some fantastic Nutritarian recipes (the healthiest end of the spectrum) that can be easily modified to suit your own personal taste and eating preferences. The best way to be informed about The Watering Mouth updates is to sign up for the email newsletter. When you sign up, you also receive a free healthy recipes cookbook. Sign up here: http://www.thewateringmouth.com/email-newsletter


  1. Such an easy recipe! Wow!
    My husband makes soups on the weekends but he really enjoys cooking therefore he plays around with ingredients and the lists are long and of course the soups are amazing…but this is my kind of soup. I keep it simple also! I will be making this one coming up soon! Thank you Cheri!

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