Easy Poha Quick Recipe

How to make Ravan Poha at home
We are making a very tasty and Crispy Ravan POha Recipe that can be served as brunch, breakfast or evening snack with a good dip.
Enjoy morning breakfast or as evening snacks you can also make it for tiffin. This is very tasty recipe……….👌👌👌👌
This recipe is really crispy and tasty and is named as RAVAN POHA.
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  1. 👍 आपकी रावण पोहा की वीडिओ अच्छी लगी, मुंह में पानी आ गया,
    लेकिन इसका नाम ऐसा है कि बनाते हुए डर लग रहा कि कहीं इस के दस सिर ना निकल आयें 😀

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