3 super easy, 5 minute desserts. This is the kind of thing I make if I’m feeling too lazy to bake but I still want something sweet. I like to pretend the mousse is really good for you just because of how much protein you’ll get from the tofu. I’m not going to write down any recipes just because of how simple they all are (basically just guess with everything!) but if you want exact measurements just leave a comment and I’ll let you know. Let me know if you try any of them! Don’t forget to like the video and subscribe for more! Thanks for watching xx

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  1. Where I’m from, its easy to live healthy but with boring food. All those vegan alternatives of patties and cheese and marsh mellows and what not – i only get to see them on my screen 🙁 what can I use as an alternative for the marshmellows?

  2. This is not the best video to watch when I haven’t eaten yet. Cookie dough for breakfast maybe? This all looks to die for girl! The rocky road is a childhood favourite yet to be veganised for us, where are the marshmellows from!? We’ve only tried the ones from holland and barrat. Love this we’ve subscribed!

  3. wait a second… do you really eat raw flour without getting sick?? :/ I’m not judging at all it’s just that I was always told that eating raw flour isn’t good for your health.. let me know!

  4. Uh, can’t wait to try those, all of them look amazingly tasty!=)
    Do you by any chance know of any substitute for the maple syrup?
    Great, great video!!! <3

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