Easy Meal Prepping (Vegan & Gluten Free + a Healthy Dessert Recipe)

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Hello everyone! I find that prepping my meals on a Sunday afternoon makes it easier to eat healthy throughout the week, so I though I would share with you all! As I state in the video, the idea of meal prepping is not exclusive to vegans or vegetarians and you can make it as basic or complicated as you like! I hope you all enjoy this video and make sure to tag me in any of your meal prepping pics on Twitter or Instagram!


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  1. can you please make a gluten and dairy free school lunch ideas video plz my little sister is going into kindergarten and I don’t know what to pack her because of her allergies

  2. Sarah Autumn, we love this video! Great info for vegans that are gluten-free as well. We love sweet potatoes and quinoa! Potatoes are always are go to food! So many different ways you can prepare them!

  3. Man I crave sweet potatoes right now. Great video gave me so many ideas!

    I’m just starting out on YouTube posting food & family vlogs, I’d love it if anyone interested could give me some tips & feedback – it’s all very appreciated!

  4. That looks so delicious! I’m so tired of looking for things to prep and getting disgusted because I’m a picky eating but I could totally eat this and I’m vegan too so its perfect!

  5. Great video! I also started cooking larger batches of quinoa so that I already have it on hand later on. I should definitely start to do the sweet potatoes as well! How long do they last in the fridge? And do you think it will last as long if you cook in cubes or fry size pieces instead of whole?

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