Easy Marzipan Recipe – How To Make Marzipan – Almond Paste Recipe

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Ingredients (Makes 375g)
90g caster sugar
90g icing sugar
1 large egg – beaten
3 drops almond extract
2 teaspoons brandy
175g ground almonds

Step #1
Place both sugars into a heatproof bowl & stir in the egg. Place bowl over pan of simmering water & whisk for 10 minutes until mixture is thick & fluffy.

Step #2
Remove bowl & place into 5-10cms of cold iced water. Add the brandy & almond extract. Whisk the mixture until it is cool.

Step #3
Stir in the ground almonds & mix together well to form a thick paste. TIP: Add more icing sugar if too sticky.

Step #4
Knead the mixture on a surface dusted with icing sugar until smooth. Wrap in clingfilm until required.

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  1. I’m puzzled by one thing. The recipe says “makes 375g”, however the weight of the almonds and sugar alone comes to 355g. I find it unlikely that the “large egg” only weighs 20g. There is no liquid to boil away, so these weights don’t add up. Is it just the total that is wrong, or do we have too much of one ingredient?

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