Easy Italian Lunch Recipe : Making a Sandwich for an Italian Lunch

How to make a sandwich for a light Italian lunch; learn more about traditional Italian food in this free cooking video.

Expert: Kristina Vanni
Bio: Kristina Vanni is an award-winning competitive cook and third-generation Pilsbury Bake-Off Finalist. She backpacked all over Italy, France and Spain for a summer, discovering local delicacies, dining
Filmmaker: Nili Nathan


  1. @EnRicoTesoro I’m very happy to see we’ve got the same theory… please explain it to your country.. If you want an italian sandwich: bread + ham,and no more else. Or bread + tomatoes + mozzarella cheese.

  2. im sorry when did this sandwich become italian and ive never seen anyone put vinegar in a sandwich or mascarpone sorry love i think you should just stick to the washing up 😉

  3. “can i get you to look to the camera a little bit more?”

    and i’ve never gotten balsamic vinegar and bread at an italian restaurant before. bread and oil maybe…

  4. I ask myself: you americans, when you come here in italy, do you really find those sandwiches here? Why is this supposed to be an italian sandwich?!? Baguette is a French kind of bread, mascarpone here is a cream cheese used to make desserts, please, STOP using “ITALIAN” word on titles only to make a recipe more tasty and intresting…

  5. this looks yummy, but i think maybe next time u shud add some meat, chicken, or seafood coz not everyone likes their sandwhich plain or vegetarian..
    Just my opinion, but u presented it really well 🙂

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