Easy Italian Bread Recipe

Who does not love fresh homemade bread? Well this is the Bald Chef recipe for an easy Italian bread recipe anyone can make at home very easily. This recipe will show you the basics of baking Italian bread, and you will soon find that you can bake great bread too. Italian Bread goes great with all types of. Italian foods. The Culinary Technique for this easy recipe of baking great bread is shown step by step. For more great bread recipes http://www.baldchef.com/italian-bread-recipe/


  1. Thank you for sharing ! I love that art piece iron cut work and those hens… can you please send me a clear picture of it. I would love to fashion my kitchen

  2. I saw the video today and I make the bread…really really good !!! (you can cook with or without bracelet, I not here to criticize, I’m here to thank you)

  3. I will try this this afternoon…looks good now we know how the bread companies have been ripping us off   2 1/2 c flour   pennies bread some times 4 5 loaf

  4. I’ve never commented on YouTube but this recipe totally worth it! its easy to make and extremely Tasty❤ and it goes will with olive oil and jams❤❤

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