Easy Home Made Breakfast Sausage Recipe

Make your own breakfast sausage easily using affordable pork shoulder or Boston butt. and fatback with your favorite spices for a custom home made flavor.


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  1. good video but just want to share something. I did not know until I inquired to some companies, the difference between “country ham” and “Virginia ham” is the curing. country uses mostly salt for cure and Virginia uses more sugar

  2. helo, i want to ask some question, can i use hard frozen meat for the sausage? like directly grind it to mince and then mixed with the flavor?? i try it before the result taste dry and very crumbly….. if not how can i do with the frozen meat ??

  3. That Nelson Winship comment, boy, does that boy need an education.  Pork Butt is called that because many years ago, those shoulders were shipped from Boston down to the southern states in barrels they called Butts, thus today they are called Boston Butt.  And Fat Back is the term for it.  Go to butcher and ask, Dimwit!

  4. If you’re in a pinch I have found adding cooking oil works well for adding fat. I do it for lower cholesterol-usually add some olive oil. It cooks up very nice as sausage and with the other flavors in the sausage it works for my pallette.

  5. Took on board your ideas & detail.As they say….. Food for thought!   However, what puzzles me is all s*** you received in the comments left to you? Not good, not nice. But, hey your video was good!

  6. In every Language I know of it’s called Fat Back, and if you are that picky over what you want to call it you are going to miss out on a lot of good recipes, and if any one would be a retard it would have to be you, so just go smoke more of what ever your smoking and set in the dark !!!

  7. LOL lets just use this simple home made sausage video to re-ignite the war America won. I am just making some freaking breakfast meat here. If it feels good do it! If not leave it alone.

  8. Do you ever make sausage in the casing. I bought some cause I want to try it out. I didn’t see any videos on your site. Was wondering if you can make a video on that . Thanks again on videos

  9. It’s funny that people can be so mean that you have to take the comment off. .You are nice enough to show people like me how to make sausage or what ever. Well thank goodness there are more of us then them LOL. Thank you sooooo much for your video you are really good at it. You should try out for the foodnet works next star hehe.

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