EASY Healthy VEGAN Soup Recipe

This is one of our favorite soups! 🙂 It’s inspired by Chef Jeff Novick, the famous dietitian who taught us how to cook this way. To learn about Jeff, visit his website http://www.JeffNovick.com Make sure to LIKE this video! Love you!

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  1. its really helpful to see you both make food and say what to do and what to put in, cause I’m a new-b and I don’t know how to make vegan food taste good to save my life.. I would love to see lots of dinner recipes. btw I’m a little confused about oatmeal and grains in general. I saw Markus rothkranz on youtube say that grains and starches are bad for you cause its like glue in your body… I’m just so confused I feel like I can’t eat anything..

  2. Hey i was wondering why you dont use even vegtable oil? 🙂 im new to veganism and still checking it out, you guys make it look so easy and you’re nice about it unlike some youtubers haha

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