Easy, Healthy and Yummy Breakfast In a MUG

Hii everyone!
Do you like breakfast? Do you like mugs? Well, if you do then you’re going to love this video!
We are showing you three different recipes on how you can make your breakfast in a mug. All of these are very delicious (trust us, we have tasted them) and also healthy. So you can quickly make a nice breakfast in your favourite mug.
Hope you enjoy it 🙂

– GoldenSparkles ✧


  1. On the third recipe, can you use something like crushed up bran flakes instead of oats? If you can’t and there are other things you can use, can you plz tell me? Thanks xxx

  2. Hi! I saw the post on Instagram and really wanted to write a question but I don’t have an Instagram account. Is it Okay if I asked you here on Youtube?

    Here are my questions:
    1.How many Subscribers are you hoping to reach?
    2. When and How did you become friends?


  3. I love this video!!!! These are all so perfect for me! I accually have 45 minutes to eat in the morning but i really hate making such fancy breakfast like eggs or pancakes or stuff like that so i usually just make toast but i am sooooo tired of that so i really like these because they are differant and really good. The only one i dont like is the omlet one because i dont like omlets but all of the others were AMAZING!!!!! Thank you so much! ilysm <3 

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