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Kenmore shares easy DIY Christmas gift ideas for anyone on your list! Candy cane truffles, herb infused olive oil, winter spiced nuts, bath scrub, pancake mix are perfect handmade holiday gifts. Watch how to make easy holiday recipes here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ETw10jofeCI&list=PLc2PmSWpe3TeMIOyO29s6pvFkAAjPfFNc&index=1

0:03 Candy Cane Truffles
0:37 Holiday Olive Oil
1:15 Winter Spiced Nuts
2:03 Mint Sugar Scrub
2:36 Reindeer Pancake Mix
3:15 More Gift Ideas from Kenmore!

Get the full recipes from Cookmore:
Candy Cane Cookie Butter Truffles: https://cookmore.com/recipe/candy-cane-cookie-butter-truffles/
Holiday Olive Oils: https://cookmore.com/recipe/holiday-olive-oils/
Holiday Spiced Nuts: https://cookmore.com/recipe/holiday-spiced-nuts/
Peppermint Sugar Body Scrub: https://cookmore.com/recipe/peppermint-sugar-body-scrub/
Reindeer Pancakes: https://cookmore.com/recipe/reindeer-pancakes/

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This Kenmore video is about easy DIY holiday gifts ideas.


  1. i dont really think the peppermint cupcakes are good because they seem raw.all she dis with them was just roll them in her hands like it was play dough and then she put peppermint crush on it then wrapped it up like it was a real cupcake

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