Easy Dessert Recipes! Freak Shake, Cookies, Brownies! VEGAN + DELICIOUS

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  1. hi, oh my god so yummy!!! To die for, need to make this!!! we just found your channel and subscribed, hope you can check out ours too (: have a lovely day!

  2. When I saw this video in my subscription box I clicked on it so fast! 😻👍🏻 Loved this recipe video! I’m definitely going to have to try them when I have time! 😋👌🏻Your cookies look so yummy! Oh my gosh your Freak Shake looks so delicious and amazing! Yes chocolate sauce and coconut whipped cream! Beautiful presentation too! 🙈😆💓Hehe is that milkshake dripping on your bed sheets? I would totally do that, just to get the perfect photo 😜🙌🏻

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