Easy Breakfast Recipe – How to Make French Toast

It’s easy to cook golden, fluffy, perfect French toast. The secret to this classic breakfast recipe is easy to remember. For every two slices of bread, stir together one egg, a fourth cup of milk, and half a tablespoon of sugar. The bread matters, too. Challah bread has a sweet flavor, so it’s a great choice for using in French toast. First, beat together your egg, milk, and sugar. Dip the bread slices in the mixture, hold for ten seconds, and then repeat on the other side. Next, heat butter on a skillet under medium heat and add your soaked bread slices to cook for two to three minutes per side until golden. When it’s done, the bread will swell for delicious, buttery French toast.

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  1. great lesson!!! I tried to make this French toast but I didn’t follow all the instructions… I let the bread sit in the egg, salt and milk mixture for 30 to 45 seconds instead of 10 seconds. And Oh I added a little salt to the mixture also. I further used the oven instead of the stove, and I allowed it to cook for about 20 minutes each side at 350 degrees instead of 3 minutes. The result??? Yummy Yummy Yummy 😋… Thanks for your video:-)

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