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  1. 2 cups dates, 1 cup dried apples, 1 cup dried raisins, 1/2 cup shredded coconuts, 1 tsp ground up vanilla powder, cinnamon to taste. Blend up dates, then add rest of ingredients and pulse lightly until get granola texture.

  2. I wish you would write the recepie ingredients in the description of video to make easy to remember…just like yr friend love health ok has on her videos.

  3. Hello! 🙂

    I’m new in your channel and I’m loving it! I know you don’t have a baby but as a new mom I was wondering if you could post a healthy recipe, smoothie or juice good for breastfeeding moms like me. Thanks!

  4. I love Olivia! She’s so cute and I found her a long time ago on IG. So glad to see you two together! And Rawnola is so good! I like this vs. adding dried apple and raisins ^.~ I’ll give it a try sometime.

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